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Senin, 15 November 2010

Artifacts of the Prophet Muhammad

Note: I have removed the picture of Prophet Muhammad’s
grave. While researching the picture of the grave actually belonged to Him, I found that some of the pictures pointed out that the grave was the Prophet’s. But further along I found that one website pointed about that the grave did not belong to the Prophet . Because of the unsureness if the picture belongs to the grave of prophet Muhammad I will be removing that picture. Jazakullah khair to Arsalan for pointing that out.
MV: Aselamualaikum my dudes!
In an attempt of searching for something new to post, I found a picture of Prophet Muhammad’s sandal (on facebook of course). So a thought came in mind, well first I was just repeatedly thinking, “this is so cool”. Once that was over I started searching for other artifacts of the Prophet Muhammad . I found many but they were all scattered in different sites, so what I then planned to do was put a lot of them on my site, as they are truly “really cool”.
And also, for the first time ever a book has been released with over 600 pictures of belongings from including Prophet Muhammad and other Prophets!

This is so cool! Prophet Muhammad’s sandal.

Prophet Muhammad’s Sword

Muhammad’s(pbuh) letter to the Muqawqas, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul

Prophet Muhammad’s Tooth

Prophet Muhammad’s Bow

Prophet Muhammad’s Cloths

Prophet Muhammad’s Footprint

Cave of Hira

The Prophet’s Grave

Mecca History


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